​​Dr. Philip R. Jordan, DC

Commit To A Healthy Life

Dr. Philip Jordan

Dr. Philip Jordan graduated from Sherman Chiropractic College in Spartanburg, SC. He had a vision of having a full care facility that offered a variety of services, with doctors and nurses that had a specific fields of practice. Additionally, he realized that a lot of people were not being cared for because they couldn't afford the co-pays that were required by insurance companies or the treatments that they wanted to use were not covered by their plan. So, in an effort to do his part to change that, he founded HealthFirst. HealthFirst provides a variety of services and treatments without the filing of insurance claims and paying the high co-pays. Through the membership model, patients can join HealthFirst, pay a modest monthly fee and pay much lower co-pays to take advantage of the services and care available. Whether it be chiropractic services, weight loss programs, pain relief therapy, or a host of other services, HealthFirst Aiken patients can finally get the care that they want instead of being limited to only the care that is covered. Find out today how HealthFirst can help you to lead a healthier life.