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How HealthFirst works!

We're the first & only Direct Access practice in Aiken, SC

  • Only $50 per month
  • No long term contract or obligation
  • Most doctor visits with only $10 office visit fee
  • Labs and imaging negotiated up to 50%-85% off
  • All ancillary services at reduced rates
  • Every effort is made to prescribe affordable medication
  • Access to a network of experienced specialists should a referral be necessary

Experience what it’s like to have a team of doctors and nurses that are dedicated to your health. Feel the freedom of calling your doctor’s office and actually talking to someone that cares about you and puts you first…   

Become a HealthFirst Practice Member TODAY

Our Financial Policies…EXPLAINED

Our Financial Policy is quite simple. Practice Members pay $50 per month and $10 per visit for Routine Daily Visits. You will NEVER receive an outrageous unexplained bill from us. Now, quite certainly, there are limitations on what is included in your membership. A basic membership of $50 per month and $10 per visit covers the following: 

  • Annual Medical Physical 
  • Quarterly Mini-Physicals scheduled every three months. A quick check up scheduled at regular three month intervals to stay current on your daily health. 

All routine visits will be $10 per visit. Whether it is Chiropractic Care, Nutritional Consultation, all routine visits are $10 per visit. It’s really that simple.

The healthcare world is quite complex today and most people are frustrated with the current system. We have made the healthcare process very simple here at HealthFirst. With that in mind, sometimes patients require greater attention and more in depth treatment for their conditions. When this occurs, fees for these services fall outside of “What’s Covered”. Don’t worry; we’ve simplified this process as well.

In the event that you need a procedure performed that is outside of the list of covered services, you will be informed of your diagnosis and our Patient Financial Liaison will meet with you to explain all costs and the details involved. Every procedure that we perform in this office (as well as procedures that we refer out to another facility such as lab work and X-Rays) has a designated fee. As HealthFirst Practice Member you will have complete access to all fees. In fact, on your very first day of membership, you will be given an Orientation Packet that includes our current schedule of fees for all of our procedures.

HealthFirst Practice Membership Fees

Initial Visit and Physical Examination: $95 This visit includes general (non-specific) blood work and a complete Annual Medical Physical. Most importantly, your Doctor will spend time with you and listen to you…really listen.

HealthFirst Practice Membership: $50 per month per person. Membership also makes you eligible for 50-85% discounts on many in-office as well as out of the office (referred) procedures. Each member will have direct access to the doctors, nurses and support staff at HealthFirst. This fee will be automatically deducted from your account and there is absolutely NO long term contract requirement.

Daily Visit Fee: $10 This fee covers most daily visits. Wake up with a cough and need to see your Primary Care Doctor…$10. Have a headache and need to see your Chiropractor…$10. Please refer to the “What’s Covered” section of this manual for a more in-depth list of conditions that the $10 Daily Visit Fee covers. Also, as a HealthFirst Practice Member, there is no difference if your condition is pre-existing or a newly diagnosed condition.

It’s really that simple. Our goal is to keep you healthy. However, things happen in life and sometimes we get sick or injured. As a HealthFirst Practice Member you will have access to an entire team of professionals that are dedicated to helping you reach your healthcare goals. The section of this packet titled “Ancillary Services” explains our services that fall outside of the “normal and everyday” occurrence. Please take the time to read this section and understand the many benefits of becoming a HealthFirst Practice Member. 

Member Privileges and Schedule of Fees

  • ​Initial Interview & Exam $95
  •  Monthly Membership $50 
  •  Daily Office Visit $10 
  •  Quarterly Mini-Physical $10 
  •  Yearly Physical $10 
  •  Laboratory Fees Up to 80% discount and/or insurance benefit if applicable 
  •  Radiology: X-Ray, MRI, CT Scan Up to 80% discount and/or insurance benefit if applicable 
  •  Advanced Testing Up to 80% discount and/or insurance benefit if applicable 
  •  In-Office Ancillary Services Up to 50% discount and/or insurance benefit if applicable
  • Weight Loss, Physical Therapy, Diabetes Reversal, Nutritional Counseling, etc. 

Member Benefits and Member Registration

  • Referral to Specialist(s)
  • Network of Amazing Local Specialists
  • Preferential Scheduling 
  • No Long Term Contract 
  • Direct Access to Your Doctors, Nurses and Support Staff 
  • Membership Capacity at 75% Less Than Traditional Practices 


  • Becoming a HealthFirst practice member patient is affordable and easy. 
  • There are no hidden fees and the process is very simple.
  • Simply contact our office at [email protected] or call 803.226.0217 today! 

Ancillary Services

These are sample case fees and do not reflect actual fees. All treatment plans are customized. These sample case fees are useful for illustration purposes only

We will make every effort to make our fees affordable. Some of the below listed ancillary services are performed at other facilities. Again, we make every effort to provide affordable care but we do not, ultimately, control billing procedures of other offices. HealthFirst has a team that has spent years finding ways to pass savings on to patients. HealthFirst partners have been approached by us to offer you these savings. Patients that require Ancillary Services will have the opportunity to meet with our Patient Financial Liaison. One of the ways in which we make our services affordable for patients is through a program called Healthcare Payment Solutions (HPS). HPS is an interest free payment schedule that is handled in house. There is no third party collector of funds and the paperwork is very simple. Basically if you have a valid bank account with a debit card…you will qualify for the HPS payment plan.

To gain access to our medical programs, you must maintain continuous membership with HealthFirst. Our membership program is similar to a gym membership plan. Your membership continues regardless of the number of times you choose to use our services. It is our hope you will use our medical services not just in sickness, but also to maintain good health.

Non-Member Fees

  • Non Surgical Spinal Decompression $2500 
  • Physical Therapy (average 8 weeks) $1920 
  • Laser Assisted Lipolysis (laser weight loss) $2400 
  • Nutritional Counseling $1200
  • M.R.I. (Single Region) $1850 
  • X-Ray (2 views per region) $420 
  • Custom Orthotics $480 
  • Upper Respiratory Nasal Swab $670 

​HealthFirst Practice Member Fees

  • Non Surgical Spinal Decompression $1495 
  • Physical Therapy (average 8 weeks) $1920 
  • Laser Assisted Lipolysis (laser weight loss) $1200 
  • Nutritional Counseling $720
  • M.R.I. (Single Region) $470 
  • X-Ray (2 views per region) $30 
  • Custom Orthotics $240 
  • Upper Respiratory Nasal Swab $125 

Why HealthFirst?

Basic primary health care should be affordable, easy to access, and stress-free. For a low monthly fee, our patients receive extraordinary primary care at extremely reasonable rates. Combined with high-deductible insurance plans, significant savings can be attained for routine primary care while staying in compliance with new healthcare laws. 

All doctor visits with $10 daily visit fee, labs and imaging negotiated up to 50-80% off, and every effort is made to prescribe affordable medication. HealthFirst staff even has a network of highly qualified and caring specialists should a referral be necessary.

Healthcare the way it used to be

There was a better time… When doctors cared, smiled, and didn’t rush. When insurance cards didn’t matter, and visits were affordable. When calling a doctor was as easy as calling your home.  It's Time for History to Repeat Itself. Welcome to HealthFirst. 

We strive to be on the cutting edge of technology to make your experience with HealthFirst the best it can possibly be. With that said, we are also dedicated to the personal attention that you deserve and require. HealthFirst is the perfect combination of 21st century medicine combined with caring attentive professionals that are leaders in the healthcare community.

We are very much looking forward to a new relationship with you and your family.

We are ready to help you… Commit to a Healthy Life

Remember, registration is simple and affordable.

Simply contact our office at [email protected] or call 803-226-0217 today!

​If you're in the Elkhart, IN area, visit our chiropractic friends there!
We look forward to being your partner in amazing health. 

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